The Fall 2016 cohort is up and running!

Fall’16 teams (cohort #5):


  • Composite Works (UWM) – advanced carbon fiber composites for aerospace, transportation and infrastructure
  • AIM (UWM) – technology enabled tools for designing spaces
  • ItusONE (Marquette)- wearable technology to reduce risk of injury in the construction industry
  • NanoRED (MCW) – precision delivery of cancer therapeutics
  • Airway Reflux Treatment (MCW) – novel pepsin inhibitors for treatment of airway reflux disease
  • Telehealth Education (MSOE) – utilizing telehealth as an educational tool for training healthcare students and providers
  • Salts Books (St. Norbert College) – an accelerated learning system to teach STEM concepts to children age 4-9
  • Clinical Cartographers (Marquette) – accelerating adoption of new treatments through clinical decision tools
  • Health Navigator (MCW) – using genomic information to drive better health outcomes