The Milwaukee I-Corp Program is part of a growing ecosystem of resources in Milwaukee and Wisconsin.  The Innovation Resource Guide provides a partial listing of other local, regional and state programs (furnished at Session 4 – earlier if you like …) This program does not have required textbooks.  Most of the pre-work consists of online videos that define the business model canvas process and provide additional detail on the customer discovery process. There is a growing body of literature and research around the Lean LaunchPad process and the customer discovery process.  Several texts provide additional background and are highlighted in the optional material for each session.  Suggested additional resources include:

Business Model Generation

by Osterwalder & Pigneur

This book provides an engaging look at the business model canvas and shows how it is applied to analyze a variety of businesses.

The Startup Owner’s Manual

by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

This book is a great reference that drills down on the Lean LaunchPad process.

The Mom Test

by Rob Fitzpatrick

This book is a quick read with great practical advice on asking good questions in interviews.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship

by Bill Aulet

This book looks at another perspective on building early stage enterprises by MIT lecturer, Bill Aulet.