I-Corps Site Partners with WERCBench Lab Program on Delivering Lean Startup Curriculum


WERCBench Labs has partnered with The Center for Technology Commercialization, The Commons and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s I-Corps Site for the fall 2016 program. The organization is looking for more businesses to partner with for future programs that will help participating startups build and test new technologies.

Here’s a list of the companies and their projects:

  • enDrone is a company that is developing a multi-copter drone to be used for agricultural crop spraying and dusting.
  • Half Moon Power has invented a proprietary inverter technology that could allow homeowners and businesses to go “off-grid” — or rely on alternative energy sources, such as solar or wind power — at a much lower cost.
  • Iconac helps water utilities and district heating and cooling systems inspect and assess the condition of buried pipe infrastructure through their “Toanl Pipe Assessment” technology.
  • Improovment is developing sensor-based technology to give manufacturers insight into the utilization and flow of company resources on plant floors.
  • Navasard Technologies invented a new solar system called PURESINE they hope will maximize efficiency.
  • Process Machine, provides technology solutions for Smart Grid, Smart Building, Water & Waste Water, Smart Rail, Smart City applications.
  • SciArt, LLC has developed a cloud-based design generation tool for design engineers.
  • STEMhero uses energy and water usage data collected by students and teachers to find solutions for large-scale water and energy problems.
  • Terraoak has developed a patent-pending stove with reduced smoke emissions and the ability to generate electricity from heat.
  • Hydroponics Innovation is developing an intelligent environmental control system that regulates heat, lighting, nutrients and humidity for hydroponically-grown crops.


For more information on WERCBench Labs, visit wercbench.com.